What is T-Class

Practical sniping with precision rifle systems is a shooting sport, which gains tremendous popularity worldwide over a short period of time.

It concentrates on shooting onto static or dynamic targets of various distances (known and unknown) from different positions, under artificially created, but realistic stressful circumstances.

This sport poses a great challenge for the competitors. It compiles and develops various physical and mental qualities. It proves to be extremely interesting both for implementation and observation, due to its demanding level of difficulty.

This is the reason for the continuous grow in the number of shooting competitions, registered shooting clubs, regional and international organizations, which manage the promotion, arrangement and realization of this sport.

T-Class shooting sport aims at achievement of balance among speed, dynamics and precision of practical rifle sniping and assigns its specific challenges for:

  • Good theoretical background of the competitor, proper understanding of the weapon systems, ammunition, ballistics, etc.
  • Prominent practical experience with handling of precision rifle systems, optical sighting devices, various shooting accessories and tools
  • Well-shaped physical aspect of the competitor, the knowledge and the ability to control his own body
  • Mental resilience under stressful conditions, fast reactions and adaptation to numerous changes in the environment during the various shooting exercises.

The collection of new and unique, static and dynamic shooting exercises drives T-Class to be a remarkably different shooting sport with a high level of diversity and difficulty. Realistic scenarios are the main focus during the design of the stages and provide the practical application of T-Class. Many T-Class matches are performed with the participation of military and police sniper forces, specialized in precision shooting, whose job in real life is to protect the public order and security.

T-Class shooting sport involves real sniping with live ammo, which means that the main considerations during practice focus on the issue of safety weapon regulations. Each briefing of every exercise in all competitions specifically emphasizes on the measures of secure weapon manipulations and any violation of the rules in this regard is to be punished without compromise.

T-Class competitions are privileged to take advantage of the most accurate scoring system, based on angular dimensions of each target and time scoring. The scoring process is automated and available in real-time during the course of the competition, through a specially designed for this purpose software. This software integrates all match details, such as competitors, briefing instructions, exercises, targets, scored points and rankings, etc. in a database form, which can be easily accessed and evaluated online.

T-Class Scoring System