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ITCC Official Statement on War in Ukraine

Declaration of the Management board of the ITCC 

The ITCC strongly condemns the military aggression and the violent actions of the Russian government and the Russian armed forces conducted on the territory of the independent state of Ukraine.

The ITCC suspends all Russian teams and competitors, whether national representative teams, club teams or individual competitors, from participation in any sanctioned by the ITCC matches.

It is REALLY the one competition – for training and valuation of every skill of the precision shooter

Author – Sergei Gorobets
On August 25th 2018, for the first time, FVSR conducted a full-scale shooting competition according to the T-Class Set of Rules – in two divisions: “Bolt Action” and “Semi Auto”. Here are some comments on the principles which are the foundation of this innovative and sport-oriented shooting discipline. The new concept which is vital for the development of this shooting sport is that it imposes a standard for valuation. In short, the ratio between the minimal dimensions of the targets related to the shooting distances and the number of rounds give the opportunity to assess the actual level of the shooter’s skill. The organizers and stage designers can use additional “effects” in the form of Hit-Factor and difficulty coefficients, which give the opportunity to train all distinctive routines of the shooter. There is the universal Scoring system software for the preparation of the whole competition, from the briefings texts up to the rankings calculations, which define the classification and the prize holders.

“T-Class Moscow Sniper Cup 2018” was a one-day competition. There were 10 shooting exercises in accordance to the T-Class Set of Rules: Module 1 (Basic Marksmanship) – 5 exercises, Module 2 (Dynamic) – 2 exercises, Module 3 (Long Range) – 3 exercises.
The competition scores confirmed the actual objective levels of the shooters’ capabilities. The match organizers themselves had the opportunity to gain know-how and as I was the Match Director I would like to share some of this experience.

A thorough planning for such competition is mandatory. The exercises were flawlessly designed and the shooting range was prepared. But, the actual success of the competition relies not only on the range conditions but on other factors, which may not be directly connected with the shooting. The awareness of the Range Officers and their abilities to control the timing of the match, along with the technical aspects of the real-time data input of the scoring lists into the Scoring System have to be particularly accentuated. You have to be exact in the estimation of the number of competitors which can be accommodated and in our case – 61 competitors proved to be more than what we could handle as match organizers.

However, the match did happen, the winners were demonstrated and received their prizes! We remain optimistic for the future. We will draw conclusions from this experience and we will begin preparations for the next.
On September 29th and 30th 2018, our team FVSR will participate in the “International T-Class Sniper Cup 2018” in Bulgaria. We will be glad to meet with our colleagues and fellow shooters from the other T-Class Regions.

I want to express my enormous gratitude to the whole ITCC team and particularly to the ITCC President – Mr. Ivan Barzilov for his support and assistance!

Congratulation to the winners:

Division “Bolt Action”
First Place – Sergei Kirichenko
Second Place – Andrei Ivanov
Third Place – Aleksandr Litvinenko

Division “Semi Auto”
First Place – Maksim Kadantsev
Second Place – Aleksei Dubrovin
Third Place – Oleg Akhapkin

Full scoring and final rankings for this competition can be found at:

First T-Class Competition in The Russian Federation

The first T-Class competition in The Russian Federation took place on October 20-21th 2017 at the Military Range near Moscow. It was organized and conducted by the “Federation of high precision shooting of Russia” with the support of ITCC.

This T-Class competition was carried out as a part of “FVSR Sniper Cup 2017”.  It was a two-day contest with a total of 15 stages, including 8 stages of T-Class in three Modules (M1, M2, M3) in “Bolt Action” division.

It proved to be a very challenging and interesting competition for 28 experienced shooters from different regions of Russia: Yakutia Republic, Chechen Republic, Tatarstan Republic, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow region, Voronez, Yaroslavl, Ekaterinburg.

The rankings were available in real time and online for all of the participants and guests via the T-Class Scoring System Software.

The winner of “FVSR Sniper Cup 2017” and T-Class “Bolt Action” Division was
Aleksandr Litvinenko (Voronez).
Second Place – Aleksandr Danilov (Yakutia)
Third Place – Andrei Osnovskii (Moscow)

The winners were congratulated and awarded by the President of “FVSR” – Sergei Sumarokov, and the Regional Director of ITCC – Sergei Gorobets.

68th Brigade Sniper Cup

The “68th Brigade Sniper Cup took place on September 29-30th 2017 at the Tsrancha Military Range, Bulgaria. This was a T-Class competition organized and conducted by the Bulgarian Armed Forces with the help of the Bulgarian T-Class Federation.

A total of 30 competitors took part in the event – military personnel from different Army regiments as well as members from BTCF. They were relayed in two divisions, depending on the type of precision rifle used. This was a two day competition with a total of 15 stages in three Modules for each division, according to the T-Class Set of Rules.

The competition was Multigun, i.e. there were stages with precision rifles, semi-auto assault rifles and pistols. The stages were very complex and tested virtually every shooting skills of the competitors. A special prize – “The Brigadier General’s Cup” was awarded for the winner of the most difficult stage for the competition. It proved to be a very challenging competition and the winners were not evident until the very last stage. The Rankings were available in real time and online via the T-Class Scoring System Software.

The winners of the “68th Brigade Sniper Cup” competition were:
Division “Semi Auto”
First Place – Ivan M., “68 Br. SF”
Second Place – Georgi A., “68 Br. SF”
Third Place – Petar D., “68 Br. SF”
Division “Bolt Action”
First Place – Petar Markov, SC “Dynamic Arms”
Second Place – Angel Stoyanov, SC “Dynamic Arms”
Third Place – Plamen N., VSK “Desant 68”
The Brigadier General’s Cup was awarded to:
Ivan M., “68 Br. SF” – Division “Semi Auto”
Ivan Barzilov, SC “Dynamic Arms” – Division “Bolt Action”

The winners were personally congratulated and awarded by the Brigadier General Yavor Mateev – Commander of the Bulgarian Army Special Forces.

Official Sponsor of the event was VIP Complex.

World Class Achievement – 3 cm grouping of hits at 2000 meters!

On September 6th 2017, during a training practice for the T-Class Ultra Long Range Discipline, an ITCC competitor from the Region of Bulgaria managed to achieve an astonishing result of 3 cm grouping of hits at a distance of 2000 meters, with crosswind around 4-5 m/s (low right on the pictured target). The hits were achieved with the first two shots, there were no prior sighting-in shots. There were similar results for 1000 meters distance (the center of the pictured target). The rifle used was the American sniper rifle THOR M408, chambered in .408 Cheytac, with a rifle scope NF NXS 5.5-22×56. The cartridges were assembled with a new enhanced 419 grn. match projectiles. Although all of this was achieved during training practice, the scored result has to be considered a major accomplishment not only for Bulgaria, but also worldwide. BTCF.

News: ITCC sends Regards to APSS

ITCC sends compliments to our friends from Slovakia: The Association of Precise Shooting Slovakia. They propose a very busy calendar for long range precision shooting competitions. Some of our members have participated in their events and we highly recommend them to anyone interested in the field of long range shooting.

Application for Membership in ITCC

The procedure of acquiring ITCC membership starts with appointment of a Regional Director.

This is the person, who will represent a specific region and who will coordinate any regional organisations and federations with ITCC.

After filling out the Application Form, the candidate will be reviewed by the board and if accepted, he/she will become ITCC Regional Director, with respect of all directives, described in the ITCC Constitution.