Invitation: International T-Class Multigun Cup 2019

The Bulgarian T-Class Federation is proud to invite you to to The International T-Class Multigun Cup on September 26-29th 2019 at Slivnitsa, Bulgaria.

This event will be organized and conducted according to the T-Class Set of Rules in the Multigun discipline of the T-Class Shooting sport. This means that shooting exercises will involve precision rifles, semi-auto assault rifles and semi-auto pistols simultaneously or sequentially, according to the stage designs.

The competition would be a two men teamwork event and will effectively include daylight and nighttime shooting at the military shooting range of Slivnitsa, Bulgaria. All kinds of shooting conditions, scenarios, positions, static and dynamic targets, distances from 5 m to 1200 m etc. should be expected during the three days competition on the last weekend of September, 2019.

BTCF is proud to announce that T-Class Shooting sport has been officially recognized as a military applicable sport, which means that it will be incorporated in the various programs and activities for the preparation and training of the Bulgarian Armed Forces. This is a step further in the continuing process of coordination between civilians and professionals in the vast field of sniper shooting.

Assault rifles and handguns can be provided by the organizers onsite for rent – for those competitors who do not bring their own, but this will have to be arranged before their arrival. If you would like to use this option, please contact us.

Registration is open.
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