International T-Class Multigun Cup 2019 – You can’t describe it, you have to live it!

International T-Class Multigun Cup 2019 – You can’t describe it, you have to live it!

Night Guard Stages

A three-day international competition of the T-Class Multigun discipline was held on September 27-29th 2019. It was a team event, which means that the shooters were divided into two-men teams and simultaneously or sequentially they had to complete the scenarios of the exercises. T-Class Multigun discipline demands shooting with sniper rifles, semi auto assault rifles and pistols, which poses the greatest level of challenge for the competitors. To make it even more complicated, this event included daytime and nighttime stages, with only few hours apart for taking a rest. All of the above contributed to the fact that probably this T-Class competition proved to be the hardest and most exhausting one ever held in Bulgaria till now.

The start of the competition was struck on the afternoon of September 27th 2019 with the stages from Module 1. This was the first ever nighttime shooting for exercises of Module 1. The true action script was manifested in the next two days and in the evening between them. This was the time for Module 2 and 3 stages, which were incredibly diverse and truly integrated all of the advantages and available requisites of the Slivnitsa military range. Most of the exercises of Module 3 were with hit-factor which greatly elevated the level of tension among the shooters. This competition used the greatest number of stages with smart target systems so far. There were designs with moving targets, daytime and nighttime contra sniper stages, simulation of real shooting scenarios, shooting from trenches, windows, bunkers, barricades, helicopter platform and so on. A total of 21 exercises with 6 night guard stages were completed. All of this was associated with the use of three different kinds of weapons and with irregular distribution of tasks and targets between the members of the team.

Teams from the regions of Bulgaria, USA and the Russian Federation competed in this event and there were observers from Malta and Latvia. All of the participants explicitly conveyed their approval of the competition for stage designs, complexity and difficulty as well as of the proper organization. The realization of this event would not have been possible without the support from members of the Bulgarian Armed Forces of all levels. The interest for this competition was so high that even the Bulgarian Minister of Defense Mr. Karakachanov became one of the official guests. This was a formidable experience for all the organizers, competitors and observers and their reactions can be followed through different online forums: here, here.

Those who have lived through the International T-Class Multigun Cup 2019 for sure will retain their bright memories.

The winners of this competition de facto were all of the participants who completed the course and the rankings can be found here.

The level has been set up high enough and for the next events of BTCF will remain the goal to become at least as interesting as this one.

Photos and videos can be found at the ITCC Facebook page and the Gallery section of the ITCC website.