T-Class Kahles Cup 2021, Bulgaria

The annual T-Class Kahles Cup took place on April 16-18th 2021 at the shooting range of Slivnitsa, Bulgaria.

It was a three days and two nights shooting event in the T-Class Tactical Sniper discipline, which yet again highlighted the tradition of continuous improvement and elaboration, shown in every consequent T-Class competition, so far.

The T-Class Kahles Cup enlisted a total of 20 shooting stages in three Modules. There were 7 nighttime exercises, including cold-bore first shots at partially lightened targets, precision shots at paper and 3D targets in the dark, long-range smart-target midnight scenarios, laser illuminated targets, flashlight aimed hidden targets, etc.

In the daylight, there were other interesting stages, e.g. shooting at a Shot Marker target at 450m from tire racks with Hit factor, shooting of a tripod at 1000 m, dynamic style -supported and unsupported precision shooting, radio guided shooting, shooting from trenches, bunkers, terraces, windows, barricades, hedgehogs, moving target at 380 m, etc.

On top of these demanding shooting challenges, the weather conditions were not very friendly at all – temperatures from 1 to 4 C, winds varying from 3 to 7 m/s, continuous rainfall and thick mud.

This proved to be one of the toughest T-Class competitions ever, most difficult in nearly every aspect – from the complexity of the shooting scenarios, through the physical challenges of almost restless 72 hours contest and towards the mental confronts of adverse weather conditions.

However, all of the above could not break down the spirit of more than 20 competitors and a highly motivated team of Range Officers. All participants enjoyed the opportunity and the pleasure of enduring these remarkable three days.

This was a test to remember! It has been emotional…

Stage briefings, match scorings and rankings can be found at: http://scoring.t-class.org/Home/Index?match_id=88

Official sponsors of the T-Class Kahles Cup 2021 were:
Kahles optics 

The winners of the T-Class Kahles Cup 2021 are granted the opportunity to attend the Kahles DLR Finals on September 2021 in Italy.