V T-Class Moscow Sniper Cup 2021, Russian Federation

For the first time, the «V T-Class Moscow Sniper Cup 2021» will be held on August 14-15 at the range MFOC Patriot Park (https://patriotp.ru/o-parke/informatsiya). This event opens up new opportunities for athletes who are fans of all types of accurate, dynamic, long-range shooting. The excellent infrastructure and conditions of this shooting range allow it to host even international competitions with shooting distances up to 2050 meters. At the «V T-Class Moscow Sniper Cup 2021», 2 sets of awards in the divisions will be presented: “Bolt action» and “Semi auto” rifle. Tournament participants will have 17 exercises in 3 competition modules. Targets: paper, metal gongs. To participate in the competition, you will need at least 100 cartridges. Participants of the V T-Class Moscow Sniper Cup 2021 will have the opportunity to achieve the standard of the prestigious FVSR nomination – “Sniping Long Range 1200 m”.

Uncompromising and fair sports classification of the participants in each division and determination of prize-winners will be ensured by the set of rules of the T-Class sport,

using an automated system for calculating results adopted by the international sports organization ITCC (International T-Class Confederation).

The advantage of T-Class in one of the most popular disciplines: [TS] Tactical Sniper is the optimal system for evaluating the shooter’s skills in all aspects of accurate, dynamic shooting, including long distances up to 1200 meters. (see https://t-class.org/rules/)

MODULE 1 – “ACCURACY”. This module contains exercises that allow you to evaluate basic shooting skills from various standard, stable positions. It uses paper and metal targets at distances up to 500 meters. The result is calculated by the number of points.
MODULE 2 – “DYNAMICS”. Dynamic T-CLASS exercises, including shooting with changing different shooting positions (including unstable ones), shooting at moving targets at distances up to 700 meters. Points for hits and the time of the exercise are taken into account – the “hit factor” is applied.
MODULE 3 – “LONG RANGE”. In this module, shooting is conducted from stable positions at distances up to 1200 meters, points for hits and/or the “hit factor” are taken into account in the exercises.

The results are calculated by determining the highest score in each module, the rankings occur as a percentage of the best result. The winners will be determined and the places in each division of the final scorings will be distributed according to the sum of the results of each module M1+M2+M3.

The reliability of data on the positive hits of metal gongs in the entire shooting range up to 1200 meters, as well as moving targets will be provided by an automatic target hit identification system.