News: ITCC sends Regards to APSS

ITCC sends compliments to our friends from Slovakia: The Association of Precise Shooting Slovakia. They propose a very busy calendar for long range precision shooting competitions. Some of our members have participated in their events and we highly recommend them to anyone interested in the field of long range shooting.

Application for Membership in ITCC

The procedure of acquiring ITCC membership starts with appointment of a Regional Director.

This is the person, who will represent a specific region and who will coordinate any regional organisations and federations with ITCC.

After filling out the Application Form, the candidate will be reviewed by the board and if accepted, he/she will become ITCC Regional Director, with respect of all directives, described in the ITCC Constitution.

First T-Class competition

The first competetion using the T-Class rules has been held in Bulgaria on 19th July 2014.

In T-Class Tactical Sniper discipline, the lineup is as follows:

1. Geno Andreev
2. Ivelin Dobrev
3. Angel Stoyanov
4. Nikola Simeonov
5. Jordan Mihailov
6. Dimitar Angelov

Pictures can be found here!