International T-Class Kahles Cup 2019, 12-14.04.2019

The course of fire will test the snipers skills according to the most innovative sniper disciplines.

Up to 18-20 exercises for the competition will be drawn during the technical meeting.

– Two days competition
– Shooting daytime and after dark using natural and artificial light.
– Distance from 10 to 1000 m
– Shooting at partially covered target
– Shooting from tower, roof and other realistic positions
– Evaluation of a certain situations
– Patrol
– Team work

Categories: Team event

Participation: Two men teams

Weapon: One sniper rifle with telescopic sight for each shooter. Ammo: 100 per shooter excluding zeroing.

Targets: Paper, steel, falling, moving and the combination of these.

Scoring: According to the T-Class Set of Rules